We Offer The Landscaping Services Of Your Dreams

We Offer The Landscaping Services Of Your Dreams

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We Offer The Landscaping Services Of Your Dreams

We Offer The Landscaping Services Of Your Dreams

Fraser Valley Landscaping Grass Watering TipHow can you tell if your lawn and garden are getting enough water when the weather is hot during the summer?

First you will need to find out how far down the water is soaking into the soil. To do this, pick a discreet area where you have been irrigating. Approximately 30 minutes after watering, dig a small hole and use your hand to check how deep the water has penetrated the soil. It is best is the water has penetrated about 6 to 8 inches beneath the surface.

Check several sites to see if your irrigation techniques have been consistent throughout the yard. You may need to modify your techniques.

Since watering systems differ and do not always water consistently you might find dry spots around your yard.

Here is a tip to check if your watering system is working evenly across your year. Place some plastic cups around your yard before you water. Placing coins or rocks in the bottom of the cups will have stop them from blowing away or falling over.
Compare the level of water in each cup after about 20 minutes of watering. You may have to adjust your sprinkler placement so the water applies more evenly.

For shrubs and beds there are techniques and tools that work more effectively than lawn sprinklers. A soaker-hose system or dripper system can be used to gently and thoroughly water your shrubs and beds without hurting your plants.

One thing important to note… you don’t need to water your lawns and plants every day. Over-watering is more likely to kill your plants than under-watering.

Also, understand the soil in your area. Water penetrates and acts differently in various types of soil. Contact Fraser Valley Landscaping to discuss watering tips for your area.

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